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American TV and Appliance Reviews

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  • Delivery department

    Worked for American tv for 7 years. American contracts out all of there deliveries to privately owned company's. American does not perform any type of criminal background checks on any of the contractors or the contractors employees. These are the people going into hundreds of customers homes every week. Every contrtactor at American tv madison is a CRIMINAL , FELON, or ILLEGAL to work in the US. Right now they have contractors and the contractor employees who have been charged with: ARMED ROBBERY, BURGURLY, DRUG POSESTION, and even SEXUAL ASSUALT OF A CHILD. These are the people... More...
    JohnJeff79's Picture   JohnJeff79    1 Comments   Comments
  • Will not honor furniture extended warranty purchased

    3 years ago we paid an additional $100 for a 7 year leather warranty on our leather couch we purchased. It came with a "leather care kit" which we were told that when we used up the cleaner and conditioners we could come back and get it refilled free. I went there today and they said they never claimed that and that the company that I bought the warranty from was out of business. The warranty paper work clearly has the American TV logo printed on it. I thought I was buying it from them. So I'm out $100 with a worthless warranty. I will never go back there again. A big flim... More...
    EricOO's Picture   EricOO    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dryer and Washer

    Bosch dryer not working, washer is failing, Refrigerator is on 5th service call. We purchased an extended warranty and the "tech" called in sick--previous day verified appt time between 745am and 9am American rep called at 2 min b4 9am AND SAID THE TECH IS OUT SICK, and u will be rescheduled. We are a family of five and laundry is daily. Do they care--NO--Cust service people really sucked and were no help. There website says says they will pay u $50.00 if the appoitment is missed guess what happens we dont do that.Do not buy from American if you want poor service after the sale... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • Sealy Mattress Warranty

    I purchased a Sealy European pillowtop mattress from American a little over 3 years ago which developed a significant sag. After paying American $46 to determine if the mattress would be exchanged, I went in today to pick out an exchange mattress. However, in order to receive my exchange, I had to pay American an additional $400 for a similar mattress because they would not exchange the mattress at the marked sale price! Instead, I was charged the full price for the mattress - more than the marked sale price of the mattress SET! This is nothing short of stealing. American made its... More...
    kapons's Picture   kapons    0 Comments   Comments
  • tv new warranty

    I bought a 50in plasma tv and it went out after 14mo. the repaid guy said it would cost to much to fix and that i would get a new tv. After going to american they said they would give me a 1299 tv, when i paid 1499 for mine and i would also have to purchase a new guarantee for 300 dollars, so that would be 600 dollars im out for the same tv. I would assume thet the tv would only last about the same amount of time so in a yr or two I will be out another 300 dollars. what happened about the 2yrs of warranty protection i had left that i already paid for. If they give u a replacement your... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
  • Plasma tv review

    I bought a 50 in plasma tv it lasted 14mo. I had purchased a performance guarantee for 300 dollars. the repair guy said it would cost to much to fix and that i would get a new one. Well, the new one only costs 1299, 200 dollars less then what i paid for mine, and on top of that in order for it to be under warranty i had to buy that, for another 299. At this rate its costing me 300 dollars a yr on top of what the tv cost just to have one. comman sence that i wouldnt want the same tv if the first one only lasted 14mo. they said they would give a gift card towards the purchase of a new one,... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    buddy450's Picture   buddy450    0 Comments   Comments
  • Frigidair ref/freezer

    we have a Frigidair ref/freezer a little over a year old bought at American with a service policy. the first service call was made June 23rd a "tech" came to the house (of course you have to re-arrange your life around their schedule) June 25th June 29th and July 2nd taking guesses at the problem...was to return July 6th... called that morning saying they are waiting on a part that should be in July 15th... that is almost a month living out of a cooler w/ice and 4 visits by a "service TECH" If you like the run-around and incompetent Techs by all means spend your money at... More...
    (Repair Services)
    monto396's Picture   monto396    0 Comments   Comments
  • no problem

    I bought a Sealy mattress from American T.V 4 years ago. it started to sag in the middle . I called the store and had to wait a week until a service tech came out(Pete) he was very nice and checked over the mattress (thank God for the Mattress pad warrenty ) after he left I got the go ahead to get a NEW mattress This time went with a Sterns and Foster. over all it took a little bit of time but I thought they handled great More...
    joki's Picture   joki    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Service

    It took a week to get the service person to look at our Asko dishwasher. He ordered a part and said he would be back in a week. One week later he came with the wrong part. (Asko's Fault) I asked if the part could be expedited and he said "no, we need to go through our normal channels". I asked how long it would take and he said 5 days. An appointment was set up for 8 days later after we had to call and pleed for it. 8 days later no service man shows up at the appointment time. No message was left to inform us. We called American and felt that customer service was rude an... More...
    (Repair Services)
    American's Picture   American    1 Comments   Comments

American TV and Appliance Reviews By Product

American TV and Appliance Comments

msdawncarlson says: (7 years ago)
We purchased a king size mattress on November 23rd 2011. We took delivery on November 30th.
The delivery staff upon bringing mattress upstairs, knock into my art work--3 pieces. They hit the first piece which rocked and knocked into the larger piece then that rocked and hit the end piece causing it to fall 11 feet to its death. My walls are all scrapped up, my 3 piece art work with value of about $1500 is destroyed. Guess what American is doing about it.. keep in mind they use contractors for their delivery service and I found that out when the damage occured as I told the lead person at delivery lets call the store, he informed me at that time, they are contracted and he owns the delivery service and he would resolve with me. He asked me to take the art work to a frame shop to see if it could be repaired, recommened a place. So the next day I packed up the art work and took it to the place he recommended. They are out of business. I then spent the next couple of days trying to find another business to see if they could repair. Found one and they are like the damage is to extensive it can't be repaired. The owner of the contract service never got back in touch with me after that. When I made numerous calls to American customer service they said oh we are in the process of terminating out service with that carrier it was a mutual agreement we have one week to resolve this claim. what will it take $300-400? I was like no way that doesn't even cover the cost to repair wall and replace my art work. So they filed a claim with contractors insurance company. Well then we had to go thru the hassle of being home for an adjuster to come to our house. Then received a letter from the contractors liability insurance saying it doesn't fall under this policy and falls under the auto insurance as the item was still in transist and the contractor needs to file a claim with their auto insurance. Well that is great as the contractor is no where to be found, won't return phone calls. I finally got American to provide me with the auto insurance company and left them a message. Guess what they aren't calling back either. I sent American customer service person I had been working with an email saying this is crap as I purchased thru American, I am their consumer. They contracted with that company not me and they need to make this situation right. This is the response I received now I am quoting their response: When a subcontractor has a claim against them and then subbmited to their insurance company, we close our file. The rest will and is, in the hands of their insurance companyy and we be resolved on their end. Therefore American wil not be a part of the process nor the resolution. We apologize for your inconvience and frustrations. WE do value you as a customer and am sorry, that this experience has created distate for American.
Well I ended up making copies of all my paper work and printing out the photo's I had taken of the damage and went to their store and talked to manager. He was like this is not my area--if that is what they told you then that is what it is. I was like this is a reflection of your store and why should I as a consumer who purchased through you be chasing this and following thru you should be. I was told it is the industry norm to have outside contractors for delivery service. Well the independent stores have their own employees. Worth paying the little extra to get a better customer service experience, I will never shop with American again--I would advise anyone not to. Can you imagine if the damage was more extensive? They almost lost control of the mattress and it almost flipped over the railing which would of taken out chandelier and definitely busted up tile floor. I gues then I would be in the same position, sitting home looking at my damaged walls and art work and no one at American worried about it. That $1800 sale for a mattress set just cost them a lot more than that with the loss of sales they will see if they continue to operate this way.

bebo says: (7 years ago)
we purchased 2thousand 4 worth of furniture less then 6 months ago a tech has been 2 our house twice since feb 2011 I have made weekly calls ... NO ONE will help us.. the recliner squeaks when you rock... yeah real fun when rocking a baby to sleep at 2 am
the couch is literaly falling apart... they said we need stuffing... Im about to tell them where to put the stuffing.. WHAT DO I DO ??

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